Thursday, July 28, 2011

Landon Lately

Can you believe these cute cheeks will be 7 months old tomorrow?! He has been up to no good lately. He has been crawling for about 3 weeks now. It's a good thing our apartment came baby proofed. His favorite thing to play with is the air conditioning vent. I think he likes the noise it makes, but its pretty fun to watch him explore. Sometimes he will just lay on the ground and look at things. Yesterday he was giggling at the smallest things. It was too cute.

A few of his favorite foods consist of: pears, squash, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, carrots and peaches. We tried to feed him peas (the devil's vegetable) however, he literally gagged. It was sad, but hilarious. He doesn't have any teeth yet. He takes after me I guess. I didn't get teeth until 9-12 months.

We went to his 6 month appointment a few weeks ago. He is weighing 17 lbs. His shots were awful, because I took him by myself. I always feel like a jerk! He only cried for a few seconds and then smiled really big at the nurse. It was funny.

He is quickly growing out of his 6 month clothes. We have been buying footless pajamas so that he can wear them longer. :)

Anyway, thats whats going on with our little man lately. Grandpa & Grandma from England come in 2 weeks. Oh, and I can't forget about Uncle Greg, Aunt Sara, Uncle Jeremey, Uncle Paul, and Aunt Brit... (this little boy will be smothered with love!) WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

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Elder Kundis said...

i keep coming back to this blog post just to stare at that cute face he's making...I WUV him soo much!!!!! He's growing too fast!!!! <3