Friday, June 24, 2011


Last weekend we made a surprise trip to Montana. We all piled into a 12 passenger van/shuttle (aka The Lucky Clover) and headed up to Great Falls for a few days. The crew consisted of: Josh, me, Landon, Annie, Kevin, Chris and Karen. It was pretty comfortable, and there was so much space.
We walked in 2 by 2 and surprised Josh's mom, Chris, at her work. It was pretty funny; we thought she was going to faint.

While we were up there, we all relaxed and just hung out. We celebrated Josh's 25th birthday and Father's Day, too. It was overall a good trip. We loved being in Montana for a few days.

Playing extreme spoons. At times I felt like my life was in danger, but it was fun.

Landon loves ice. Plus, he looks cute eating it.
Landon & Uncle Matt after he came home from Griz camp. He's a happy boy!


The Rowley's said...

I love extreme spoons!

Stephanie said...

Your little guy is adorable and you look stunning!

Amanda Hall said...

Why did I buy the Sentra? I should have bought one of those vans. Tyler and I could just live in the CUC parking lot. What are you doing in that picture? Where are you running?

Elder Kundis said...

BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!! I love you!!!

Amanda Hall said...

Let's talk about how I don't even feel like talking today. I just want to sit here. I hope it stays somewhat slow. I need a break today. I need a money tree. That would be ideal.

Robert and Emily C. said...

How fun! :) And what a huge shuttle-looking van!

That boy you created is A-DORABLE!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

What a fun surprise! Landon is soooo cute! I bet he was the star of the show. Family is the best!